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General Description

Call Firefighters must perform a wide range of fire and life protection responsibilities necessary to the safety of the community.  These include, but are not limited to the following...


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Protect life and property against fire by responding to alarms, driving and operating fire apparatus, making emergency entrances, using ropes, ladders and extinguishers, applying water streams from hoses, effecting ventilation, salvage and overhauling, and preserving evidence of fire. Responding to alarms and other emergencies when off duty. 

  • Perform rescue and life saving functions such as searching out and removing victims, providing basic first aid and life support, and transporting victims to medical facilities.

  • Performs routine maintenance and cleaning work in the fire station; cleans and performs minor repairs to related firefighting equipment. Participates in training exercises and attends school as required.


  1. Must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

  2. High School Diploma or GED required

  3. Valid Massachusetts drivers license required by date of hire, with a reasonable driving record and NO DWI convictions within 5 years of applying

  4. Comply with the departments NO SMOKING POLICY.

  5. Pass a Physical Agility Test (P.A.T) and drug screening.

  6. Have good reading comprehension skills; ability to prepare reports regarding different occurrences

  7. Have good verbal communications skills; ability to interact with coworkers, supervisors and the general public

  8. Have a good mechanical aptitude to learn technical knowledge and skills.

  9. Ability to function effectively in dangerous situations where personal safety may be in jeopardy and where conditions are stressful.

  10. Ability to use physical force to perform property and life saving functions.

  11. Ability to work long hours during any type of emergency call.

Salary Range:

Please see the attached Firefighter/EMT Application for details.



Firefighter/EMT Application



Hopedale Fire Department
40 Dutcher Street
Hopedale, MA 01747
Tel:  (508) 473-1050
Fax:  (508) 902-0076



The Town of Hopedale is an M/F/EEO Employer.
Open Until Filled


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