Remote Meeting Guidance

Pursuant to Chapter 20 of the Acts of 2021, remote meeting provisions of the Governor’s March 12, 2020, Executive Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law, were extended until April 1, 2022. The new law allows public bodies to continue providing live “adequate, alternative means” of public access to the deliberations of the public body, instead of holding meetings in a public place that is open and physically accessible to the public. “Adequate, alternative means” may include, without limitation, providing public access through telephone, internet, or satellite enabled audio or video conferencing or any other technology that enables the public to clearly follow the proceedings of the public body in real time. In addition, the new law authorizes all members of a public body to continue participating in meetings remotely; the Open Meeting Law’s requirement that a quorum of the body and the chair be physically present at the meeting location remains suspended.

The Town of Hopedale will continue to provide remote access via Zoom video conferencing. The video conference will be shown on Town Hall Streams. Effective September 21, 2021 the Hopedale Health Agent is encouraging all interested parties to participate via the Zoom link provided below.  Participants in the Draper Room must wear masks and allow for social distancing of six (6) feet. 

Public Participation Guidelines for ZOOM WEBINAR Meetings:

To access the zoom meetings, please visit the calendar tab on the Town’s homepage. Specific log-in information is provided at the top of each agenda.  If provided by the Board or Committee, you will need to enter the unique passcode to access the meeting. 

  • Most regulatory boards/commissions/committees are using Zoom Webinar for meetings, which allows for the public to participate in the meeting as an attendee.
  • Attendees MUST join Zoom to participate; the Zoom link is unique to meeting. The Zoom link can be found on the agenda for the meeting.
  • People registering to be an attendee MUST use their full names; otherwise they will not be allowed to participate in discussion. To be recognized to make a comment please access the “Raise Hand” feature:

    - Call in participants will need to dial *9 to raise their hand (Note: you cannot lower your hand if calling in), Web and App users will need to press the raise hand icon (If you no longer wish to not be acknowledged to make a comment, you can press the Lower Hand icon)

  • Attendees will join in listening mode (mute); they can click the raise hand button if they wish to speak.
  • The Chair will call on those who have raised their hands in the order they were raised.
  • Attendees must state their name and address prior to asking their question.
  • The Zoom Chat will not be enabled.
  • All questions should be directed through the Chair.


  • How do I join a Zoom meeting? (Video Tutorial
  • How do I join a Zoom meeting from a mobile device? (Andriod & iOS)
  • How do I Dial into a Zoom meeting by phone


  • The Town Administrator's Office can provide you with a Zoom Meeting link if needed.
  • Post your meeting/agenda with the  Town Clerk within 48 hours of your meeting as per required by the MA Open Meeting Law:
  • Chair your meeting.
  • If the Town Administrator's Office provides the Board/Committee with a zoom link, the Administrator's office will start the zoom meeting and make the Chair the Host. Once you are made "host" you will have control over your remote meeting. This allows you to accept attendees, mute/unmute and recognize resident/abutters/public who would like to participate in a way that you would in an in-person meeting as usual. 
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