Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park

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* Thursday, July 12 @ 6:30pm: Little Red Shop, Hopedale, 12 Hopedale St, Hopedale *
Join a park ranger and our partners from the Hopedale Historic Commission to visit the Little Red Shop Museum, where the Draper Loom Corporation got its start before growing into America’s largest manufacturer of looms.

Complete list of 2018 Events at all the Park's Areas


Passport Book Guide: Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park's passport program is for valley explorers of all ages.To promote local tourism and awareness of all of the resources of the valley, residents and visitors are encouraged to explore the Blackstone River Valley with a free passport book in hand. In addition to providing a brief description of the six areas that make up the park, each location included in the passport book will have a space for an official cancellation stamp which can be obtained at the following locations: (click on individual sites for visitor hours)

1. Slater Mill (Blackstone Valley Visitor’s Center, Pawtucket)

2. Blackstone River State Park (Route 295 Visitor’s Center, Cumberland)

3. Ashton (Route 295 Visitor’s Center, Cumberland)

4. Slatersville (North Smithfield Public Library)

5. Whitinsville (Whitinsville Social Library; Linwood Mill Building)

6. Hopedale (Bancroft Memorial Library; Little Red Shop)