Building Department

Mission Statement

The Town of Hopedale’s Building Department is staffed with a total of 6 inspectors and an Administrative Assistant. The Building Commissioner/Zoning Enforcement Officer is a part-time position however, the office is staffed daily with a full time Administrative Assistant. The Wiring Inspector and Plumbing and Gas Inspector are part-time positions with Deputy Inspectors that cover only during their absence.

The primary responsibility of the Town of Hopedale’s Building Department is to insure public safety during and affected by construction. These responsibilities are carried out through the enforcement of the Massachusetts State Building Code and other applicable state statutes, rules and regulations, or ordinances and by-laws including but not limited to Town of Hopedale’s Town-by-law and Zoning-by-law, Fuel, Gas and Plumbing Codes, National Electric Code, other Board Regulations.  The Building Department shall act on any question relative to the mode and manner of construction, and the materials to be used in the construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, demolition, removal, installation of equipment, and the location, use, occupancy and maintenance of all buildings and structures within the Town.  Building Department staff reviews applications and inspects the projects for which permits have been issued and enforces provisions of the Massachusetts State Building Code.



Effective immediately - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic - All inspections will be done at the inspector’s discretion. Please call to schedule inspection requests as usual and the inspectors will contact you to go over what will be required (i.e. photos or videos).  Social distancing must be observed.  This action is necessary to protect our residents, contractors, and municipal inspectors.  Please reach out to us with any questions.  Thank you for your cooperation.


All permit applications can be found on our website.  Completed applications can be returned by email, regular mail, or dropped in the mail slot at the front of the Town Hall Business office.  All permit fees can be found online, however any questions can be directed to our office for confirmation. Thank you.

****Please contact  our office for any assistance.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.                                                        

Building Commissioner/Zoning Enforcement Officer

Timothy Aicardi - Building Commissioner 

Schedule an Inspection

  • Building Commissioner    Please call - Timothy Aicardi 508-634-2203 ext. 216 or Renee Polechronis ext. 214
  • Plumbing and Gas Inspector   Please call - John Fontana 508-473-1100
  • Electrical Inspector   Please call - Joe Scanzaroli 508-954-5550

Oil Burner Techs

You must pull a wiring permit before a fire permit can be issued. The wiring permit number must be listed on the fire permit.

  • Electrical Wiring Permit for Oil Burner - $60.00
  • Fire Permit - $50.00

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Renee Polechronis Building Administrative Assistant ext. 214
Joseph Scanzaroli Wiring Inspector (508) 954-5550
John Fontana Plumbing & Gas Inspector (508) 473-1100
Timothy Aicardi Building Commissioner ext. 216