Carbon Monoxide


The Hopedale Fire Department has seen an increase in Carbon Monoxide related calls over the last month, likely as a direct result of the cold weather.As a reminder carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no visible color, taste or odor, and can be deadly to those who are exposed to it.

MGL C 148, S. 26F 1/2 (Nicole's Law*) requires carbon monoxide alarms be installed (and functioning) on every habitable level of the home, which includes finishes or partially finished basements and attics. Furthermore alarms should be installed within 10-feet of bedroom doors.

If your carbon monoxide (or fire alarm) sounds, please leave all windows and doors CLOSED and EXIT THE HOME IMMEDIATELY, then proceed to your family meeting spot and call 9-1-1. (By leaving your windows and doors closed, it will assist firefighters in determining the cause of the carbon monoxide within your home)

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning include:
- Headache
- Nausea
- Dizziness
- Confusion
- Faininting

* Nicole's law became effective March 31, 2006 after 7-year old Plymouth, Massachusetts girl (Nicole Garofalo) died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning when snow drifts blocked a heating vent causing carbon monoxide to accumulate within her home. ( News Article )