Grill Safety

Grill Safety

As we enter the summer season, we at Hopedale Fire Department suggest you take a few minutes to review some safety tips for Grill Safety as well as inspect the grill prior to use this summer vacation season.

Check for Leaks: Make sure all connections are tight and secure. If you are unsure apply a soapy solution (1 part dish soap, 1 part water) to the tank connection. If it bubbles there is a leak that needs repair prior to use.

Clean the Grill: Prior to each use, ensure that the grill is free of grease, oils, or debris that may catch on fire. This includes cleaning the interior of the grill and the grease pan.

Grill Use on Porches, Decks and Patios: State Fire Code states grills can only be used on first floor porches, decks or patios if there is an outdoor stairway to the ground, or the porch is at ground level. Grills are prohibited on any porch balcony or deck that has a roof or overhang.

Grill Use near Buildings: State Fire Code states grills must be 10-feet away from the side of the building, unless the manufacturer instructions specifcally state it can be used closer.

Shut off the Gas Tank: After each use, and before disconnecting the propane tank, be sure to shut off the gas tank.

Charcoal Grill: Once coals have been lit, do not add lighter fluid to the fire. Charcoal briquettes give off carbon monoxide, never use inside. Let the cools completely cool before dispoing in a metal container, do not throw coals in the trash.

If you have any questions about the rules and regulations regarding grill use, please contact the Fire Prevention Division and speak with Deputy Chief David McMorrow at (508) 473 - 1050.