Why is Hopedale Pond so Low?

Hopedale Pond

You may have been wondering why the Hopedale Pond water level is so low....

This work was permitted in the Order of Conditions provided to Mr. Shwachman for the Draper Factory demolition. The water was drawn down to the height of the Earthen Dam in order to locate certain legacy equipment in the mechanical dam, and perform necessary inspections, maintenance, and possible replacement. The water was drawn down prior to aquatic animal hibernation and will be brought back up to normal levels prior to their emergence in spring.  There is a particular urgency with this draw down due to an unmapped pipe which was releasing water from the pond and causing flooding on the work site. That pipe has been located, but the water levels have been kept low to allow evaluation of the rest of the dam equipment. This timeline is preferred to ensure the smallest impact to aquatic wildlife, and in other communities, done annually to control invasive weeds.  Please contact the Hopedale Conservation Commission or the Town Administrator with further questions/concerns.