Hopedale Pond and Parklands

The Hopedale pond and parklands are often regarded as the 'crown jewels' of our town and the surrounding area.  The initiation of Parklands acquisition was in 1899, and in 1900 the town brought in Warren H. Manning to help architect the entire layout.  As the years have passed, lives have grown busier, but on most days you will still find the Pond and Parklands being used by Hopedale citizens as well as people from the surrounding communities. 


Mark Andolina, Jr., a Boy Scout from Hopedale Troop 1, created a new trail map and installed new trail markers as part of his Eagle Scout project.  This was an amazing effort by a son of Hopedale and helps facilitate the usage of the recreational facilities, and the Hopedale Park Commission is incredibly grateful.  Details of the Trail Map, including a wealth of knowledge about Hopedale, are available on Dan Malloy's website.


Cleanup Project

Click here to learn more about the Hopedale Pond Cleanup efforts.


There is NO PARKING on the pond boat ramp or at the spaces next to  the bath house. This area is well-marked and the Hopedale Police Department will continue to ticket unauthorized and non-handicap vehicles parked in this area. This area is a drop-off zone only. Vehicles should be parked along Hopedale Street.

Hopedale Pond Ice-out Dates

(Ice completely out in main body of pond from the shop northward)

  • 2013:  Wednesday, March 20
  • 2012:  Saturday, February 19!
  • 2011:  Saturday, March 19
  • 2010:  Sunday, March 14
  • 2009:  Thursday, March 19
  • 2008:  Tuesday, March 18
  • 2007:  Sunday, April 1 (partial re-freeze April 5-7!)
  • 2006:  Tuesday, March 14
  • 2005:  Friday, April 2
  • 2004:  Thursday, March 25.