Town of Hopedale Rates and Payments

Payments can be made:
At the Town Hall in the Treasurer/Collector's Office located at:
78 Hopedale St., Hopedale, MA 01747 or,
checks may be left in the dropbox in the front of the building.
Checks may be mailed to: EFFECTIVE 1/1/20
Town of Hopedale
Department 1320
P.O. Box 986500
Boston, MA 02298-6500
Online Payments at:
Please Note:
Any checks generated by your bank's online bill pay service can take anywhere from 7-10 business days to be received in our office so please plan accordingly.  Also, to help process your payment correctly please include your account number.  Failure to include this information may put your payment at risk of further FEES and INTEREST.
Town of Hopedale Water Rates
Water Assessment $52.81 per account
$15.00 UP TO 500 CU.FT.
$4.00/100 CU.FT. FOR WATER FROM 501 CU.FT. TO 2,000 CU.FT.
$4.60/100 CU.FT. FOR 2,001 CU.FT WATER TO 4,000 CU.FT.
$6.70/100 CU.FT FOR WATER OVER 4,000 CU.FT
Fireline Rates
$100.00 per quarter for all fire services up to 4-inches
$150.00 per quarter for all fire services over 4-inches
Final readings
$25.00 in addition to the normal bill
After Hours Call-Out Rate
$117.00 minimum
Sewer Rates
$6.52/100 CU.FT.
Sewer Assessment $58.91
Flat Rate Sewer Rates
1 bedroom 60g/d | 722 cuft/quarter | $47.07 per quarter
2 bedrooms 120g/d | 1444 cuft/quarter | $94.15 per quarter
3 bedrooms 180g/d | 2166 cuft/quarter | $141.22 per quarter
4 bedrooms 240g/d | 2888 cuft/quarter | $188.30 per quarter