It is not uncommon to hear that certain individuals are soliciting in or around various department stores, or calling residents asking for donations in the name of providing services to disabled veterans or veterans who are homeless, etc. The Hopedale Department of Veterans' Services does not use any money from donations from any source. Only the Town pays benefits to veterans in need. Therefore, NO money from private sources is used to assist veterans in Hopedale.

If you do not know who you are giving a donation to, don't make a donation!

Beware of all solicitations asking you to leave a check on your door or to some unknown address. Do not make donations to anyone soliciting in front of department stores, or going door to door wearing parts of military uniforms, such as pants, jackets and hats. They likely are not veterans; most of the time the money you give does not go to do good for veterans.

If you have any questions regarding solicitations on behalf of veterans, please contact:

Patrick Morris
Veterans' Services Officer

(508) 864-8529.

Leave a message and I will return your call.