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Town of Hopedale, Massachusetts
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Parklands Rules & Regulations
See Parklands calendar for scheduled events

Parklands Closed Dusk until Sunrise.

Dogs / Pets / Draft Animals
Animals must be in full control of their handlers at all times.  Flagrant violations will be subject to Police action and fines.

Motorized Vehicles / Gasoline-powered equipment / Boating
Prohibited:  vehicles, ATV's, motorcycles, mini-bikes, scooters, go carts, snowmobiles, etc. (Exempt: Authorized Town maintenance and service vehicles).  Max speed limit: 10 mph

Prohibited:  use of gasoline-powered equipment anywhere within the Parklands including - but not limited to: chainsaws, leaf blowers, hole diggers, weedwackers, snowblowers etc. (Exempt: equipment used for routine or emergency maintenance by Park Department or Highway Department personnel).   

No Gas Motors - Electric motors only  Portage/Cartop Boating Only.  (Hulls, paddles, oars and props should be wiped clean before and after launching to help stop the spread of nuisance aquatic plantlife).

Vandalism  (view zero tolerance policy )
NO Brush or Tree cutting
NO Sign posting, trail blazing/glazing/tagging, marking or defacing any tree, rock, road, path, or       structure.
NO Fires or Fire pit Building.  (Cookouts allowed in grilles/ provided at 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fireplaces, and at the         Lookout, Fisherman's Island, and Moroney's Grove shelters).
NO Littering or Illegal Dumping of Household/Yard Debris
NO Metal detector prospecting
NO Shelter building or fabrication

Firearms / Hunting
NO Firearms
NO Hunting
NO Paintball, BB, or Pellet Guns

NO Camping (unless pre-approved by the Park Commission)
NO Alcoholic Beverages or Illegal Drugs
Swimming allowed at Town Beach only - when open -  with lifeguards  on duty.

Organized Activities
Must be scheduled and approved by the Park Commission  See usage guidelines  facilities
Prohibited: Commercial or private instructions / lessons / fundraising / soliciting / clinics /animal training;
         Private sports instruction, clinics, games, practices, tournaments, etc.;
        Commercial / private animal training, for-profit fundraising etc.

Hopedale Town Offices 78 Hopedale Street, Hopedale, MA 01747  PH: (508) 634-2203  FAX: (508) 634-2200
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